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African Spirituality in American churches that welcome African immigrants

A conversation about Harvey Kwiyani’s study of 3 American congregations and the effect their immigrant brothers and sisters have upon them.

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Talking about Wes Granberg-Michaelson’s stories of the Holy Spirit’s work in the RCA

What did we learn from Wes about what the Spirit’s activity has taught him about leadership?

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Some conversation about Paul’s hybrid practices of hope

Lois Malcolm’s presentation: Missional Church Practices and the doctrine of the Holy Spirit: Hope, the Cross, and the Holy Spirit in times of conflct and anxiety What are we hearing? What are we thinking about this?

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Some conversation regarding the tethering of the Holy Spirit to Jesus in Acts

Allen Hilton’s presentation: The shared work of Jesus and the Holy Spirit in Acts.   What are we hearing?    How are we thinking about that? Ho

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Missional Think Tank 2012 Scottsdale Arizona!

Welcome back to the Missional Think Tank blog. Last night at Spirit in the Desert we launched the 2012 Missional Think Tank with Dwelling in the Word (Luke 10) and a focusing presentation and conversation about the role of a holding tank in the Missional Church movevment, as well as a presentation on what Church […]

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