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Like new glasses

A lay leader in a congregation I know well, whose pastor of two years has been preaching and embodying the missional church, recently literally bumped into me at a shop near our home. After we greeted one another, I asked her how it was going at her church. She smiled and said, “I can’t speak […]

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Call for Comments

Hilary’s delightful blog and article in the Church Innovations’ newsletter at  have made me hungry to hear what ideas and innovations were sparked at last month’s Think Tank meeting. Pittsburgh Young Missional Pastors who are talking with one another anyway – what are you saying this week?  What early church practice are you working on this […]

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From Holding Tank to the Busyness of Life

It’s nearly a month since we met in Pittsburgh in our Missional Think Tank.  Back in daily life, I have been on the lookout for stories and pictures and accounts of the missional church and how it looks.  And I’m curious about what everyone else has been finding.   What are you seeing and hearing?   Peace […]

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