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Cohort notes are being posted

and these cohort catergories are ready for your use.  Enjoy connecting with the other members of your group and continuing the conversation. Please visit the Resources Page to download them.

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Appreciation and planning ahead

A hearty congratulations and warm thanks to the fine folks at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary who were such wonderful hosts for this year’s Think Tank. What a beautiful campus, what beautiful hospitality! We are grateful. And we eagerly anticipate being together again next year, Jan. 30 – Feb. 1, in Dallas, Texas. We at Abilene Christian […]

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Home Again

                 Now back at my desk at Church Innovations, I am recalling the faces of particular young persons in the “Missional Pastors” and “Leaders under 35” cohorts. I am thinking of their body language as they met in breakout sessions within the large plenary space we all shared.  I am thinking of the words they […]

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Sitting differently:hearing differently

You’ve got content and you’ve got form.  Let’s talk form – the manner of sitting with one another, listening to one another. OK – first night’s plenary session was in a big room with people sitting all over. Second session – Monday morning – a fishbowl containing a person from each cohort, others from the cohort […]

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Fishbowl Plenary, Monday morning 4/12/10 Think Tank We’re making you uncomfortable by continually changing the plenary seating arrangements… How does the church relate to the academy? Does seminary turn people into pastors or mini-professors? Some seminary professors press us into academic training, some press us to help local churches become the ground zero for doing […]

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Networking – the Think Tank between Think Tanks

How will our emerging relationships with one another keep going between now and next January when we have the chance to meet one another again?  It must be possible. Peace. Pat Taylor Ellison

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Long timers and young leaders

I have been working with church leaders for over 20 years.  Back in my first year of this work, many of the particiants in this year’s Think Tank were about 3 years old.  And here’s something interesting and hopeful: these young leaders are not anti established church. Some of them feel the church has not been […]

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Sunday Night Thoughts on Chaos and Spiritual Practices

“What does it look like to be attentive to the Holy Spirit in the midst of chaos?” was the question Jennifer Haddox articulated for the group she was facilitating. This question became one of the central questions for the opening evening of Spring Think Tank.  It arose from three stories shared from three congregations from […]

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The metaphor of compost heap

One metaphor is that we are in a compost heap time in theological education: it is messy and may not smell very good, but rich things will come because 0f this time. What are other metaphors of this time in the life of the Church?  Peace. Pat Taylor Ellison

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Sunday evening plenary notes

On Sunday evening the Think Tank, in plenary made these remarks: What does it look like to be attentive to the Holy Spirit amidst chaos and disorder? Recognizing the messiness of missional ministry – these is a longing for comfort and control and seeing how Dwelling in the Word comforts There is a paradigm shift […]

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